For some, it’s the episodic by-product of an increasingly precarious labour market, for others the culmination of a downward spiral that starts with emotional trauma, for others still it’s part of a multi-generational trap. Poverty is an Unignorable issue faced by more than one in 10 Canadians.


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Landing that first job is an important factor in setting young people up for lifelong success. However, young people looking to enter the workforce today are up against significant barriers, as is evident by their unemployment rate which is almost twice the rate for working-age adults.

Economic insecurity and lack of access to services and supports can have a lasting impact on the long-term productivity of young people in the workforce.


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Youth Unemployment

Social Isolation


Our communities are only as strong as the sum of their parts. Across Canada, many people have difficulties accessing essential services and supports when they need them. These barriers are amplified for vulnerable individuals—including seniors, people living with disabilities and newcomers—and can lead to Unignorable challenges like social isolation and mental illness.


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