Christine HanlonChristine Hanlon is the Vice President of Operations at Owens MacFadyen Group, a growing boutique Wealth Management firm that focuses on financial and philanthropic planning for business owners.  The firm has recently expanded from Atlantic Canada to Toronto.  In the last 8 years Christine has held several roles in the firm and is now responsible for all aspects of the organization’s strategic plan. Her focus is growing the firm and its people, while passionately protecting its special corporate culture.

As a graduate of Acadia University, Christine is committed to life long learning.  In addition to several securities industry related courses, Christine recently completed The Effective Personal Leadership Program and The Effective Motivational Leadership Programs through The Leadership Management Institute (LMI) and the Harvard Manage Mentor Program made available through a United Way partnership.

Prior to working with Owens MacFadyen Group, Christine spent 10 years with RBC Royal Bank in a variety of management roles in both commercial and personal financial services.  Christine started her career with a United Nations sponsored human rights organization in West Africa (The Gambia).  As the Director of Finance for The African Centre for Democracy and Human Rights Studies, Christine was responsible for creating transparent accounting principles to ensure the agency could qualify for international funding.  This agency played an integral role in Western Africa educating other non-government agencies (NGO’s) on specific human rights atrocities and helped design protective legalisation.

Her start in the human rights sector deeply ingrained the mantra of ‘with rights come responsibilities’.  Christine is a 10 year Board Member of Credit Counseling Services of Atlantic Canada, Past Board Chair, and Chair of their Education Committee.    Christine is Past Chair of the United Way, Saint John, Kings & Charlotte.  Through this Board she was assigned to the executive group of ‘Living SJ’, a community movement that successfully lobbied for $10 Million to apply innovative approaches to poverty solutions.  As United Way Board Chair, Christine focused on ensuring their Board stayed innovative in not just their approach to fundraising, but building skill in the charitable sector to ensure collectively the community can tackle the complexities of endemic poverty.  Christine recently joined the Atlantic Corporate Volunteer Council (ACVC) run by Chris Jarvis/Realized Worth with the aspiration of better mobilizing the region’s volunteer capacity and output.

Christine frequently publishes her writing on ‘life as a planner’ for the award-winning lifestyle magazine, The Maritime Edit.  She can also be found writing stories on the many ways her brilliant kids, Iris and Elliot, continually outwit both she and her husband Andrew.