Since 2011, more than 4 million Syrians have fled their homeland to escape the civil war. Like all Canadians, at United Way we’re heartbroken by the situation facing Syrian refugees – and we want to do everything we can to help.

Over the next three months, Canadians will welcome 25,000 Syrian refugees into our communities. United Way invites you to join us in supporting these resettlement efforts. Here are two easy ways that you can make a difference:

  1. Support the work of local United Way organizations to ensure that Syrian refugees can successfully build productive lives for their families in Canada. To learn more about our role in welcoming and supporting refugees, see below.
  2. Learn more about opportunities to help resettle Syrian families in your local community by contacting 211’s telephone help line (2-1-1) or visiting the 211 website (

By working together, we can ensure that Syrian refugees get the best start and the right supports to build a new life in Canada.

United Way Supports Syrian Refugee Settlement

Across the country, United Way has always done its part to ensure that refugees who come to Canada get the best start in their new life. As a major supporter of community based settlement organizations, we invest over $10 million annually in vital programs and services, helping to support more than 170,000 immigrants and refugees in our Canadian communities. This vital settlement system is the foundational infrastructure needed to successfully welcome and help Syrian refugees build new lives in Canada.

United Ways are also stepping up to provide support and take direct action to facilitate a collective and coordinated effort at the local level. Working alongside local non-profits, businesses, governments and individuals, we are developing integrated local response plans. Here are some examples of initiatives already underway:

As the largest non-governmental supporter of social services, United Way is committed to creating opportunities for a better life for everyone in our Canadian communities. You can change lives by giving to your local United Way.

Together, we are possibility.



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