Canada is a prosperous country, yet for roughly three million Canadians, poverty is a daily struggle. It forces people and families to make impossible choices like whether to put food on the table or pay the rent.

Poverty isn’t just about a paycheque. It touches almost every aspect of a person’s life from food, shelter and employment to mental and physical wellbeing. It’s a social and economic issue that also impacts entire communities—and the people who live there.


1 in 10

Canadians live in poverty.


Canadians are homeless on any given night.

1 in 6

children live in a household that struggles to put food on the table.





With your support, United Way is helping to meet the basic needs of our community’s most vulnerable people and families, giving every Canadian the opportunity to build a better future. This includes providing the essential building blocks of a good life such as food, shelter and employment, while also helping to ensure fewer people are vulnerable in the first place.



is invested in supporting people living in poverty by providing opportunities they need to build a better life.


programs and services are funded, including access to food, emergency shelters and employment counselling.


people are served across Canada, helping increase their economic security and overall well-being.


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