Gina is a Queer, Métis, labour movement leader, activist, and facilitator engaged in the regional, national and international labour movement. She strives to be a dynamic and collaborative labour leader and bring this passion to her volunteer work as an active Local 2348 executive member in one the largest social service sector composite locals in Western Canada. She has worked in the community health & social service sector for almost her entire career.

Gina was recently elected as Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) Equity Vice President – LGBTQ2SI+ at the 2021 CLC National Convention and is the newly elected President of CUPE Manitoba and elected Regional Vice-President for Manitoba at the 2021 Convention. Gina is currently on leave for the role of CUPE Manitoba President from her position of Labour Director at United Way Winnipeg on Treaty 1, in Manitoba.

Outside of progressive labour roles, Gina is also a member of the 2020-2022 Governor General’s Canadian Leadership Conference and has always been engaged in numerous equity & human rights committees.

Gina is also extensively engaged in her community and is a long-time volunteer and active leader in the community health and social service sector. She has worked extensively on community projects, initiatives and on a diversity of leadership boards. As past Labour Director of United Way Winnipeg, Gina developed an enhanced, responsive, modernized, and progressive Labour Program that focused on the meaningful engagement of labour and community. Gina looks forward to bringing this front line and programmatic understanding to the United Way Centraide Canada Board.