Ann Divine is the founder and CEO of Ashanti Leadership and Development Services.

Ann spends her time working with individuals, businesses and corporations, providing leadership while leading them to build capacity in critical thinking, employee engagement and trust building. Ann’s work is underpinned by her knowledge and expertise in human rights and people management.

Ann is well known for her community activities since her arrival in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She believes in giving back to her community help to contribute to economic growth, good citizenship and economic stability.

Ann is also a visionary and is at ease working with diverse cultures and communities. Her strength lies in engaging and collaborating with partnerships, leadership development, research on social issues, policies, practices, and change management across organizational cultures.

During her professional career, she has worked in senior management positions in London, UK and Canada. Ann education includes a Sociology (Hon) Degree, a postgraduate Diploma in Social Work, a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management, Human Rights, Certified Coaching Federation Certificate, Adult Education and Leadership development.