Ayn Wilcox is the Executive Director for Diagnostic Services with Shared Health in Manitoba.  She is a strategic leader with proven experience in system wide organizational transformation in complex environments.

Ayn is a Chartered Professional Accountant with senior level operational, administrative and financial management with an emphasis on innovation, and is committed to ensuring organizational systems and structures are aligned to ensure quality and sustainability. Ayn has extensive experience managing organizations through major change initiatives at both governance and operational levels.

As an active volunteer with United Way of Winnipeg for over twenty years, including two years as Chair of the Board of Trustees, Ayn was involved in the evolution of the organization from one as primarily a fundraiser and funder of agencies to an organization that is seen as a catalyst for addressing root causes – with partner agencies, and with the community, partners and stakeholders more broadly. Initiatives such as the Winnipeg Poverty Reduction Council, The Homelessness Initiative, Peg and many others are a direct result of that organizational shift.

Ayn is passionate about life and about working with others to make her community a better place to live for everyone.