Dan holds the position of President & CEO, and Secretary of the Board for United Way Centraide Canada (UWCC) where he leads a national movement for social change comprising 79 community-based federated United Way organizations.  With over 1000 staff, 200,000 volunteers and more than 1 million donors, United Way Centraides (UWCs) raise and invest over $500 million annually , serving more than 5000 Canadian communities.

UWCs in Canada focus on ensuring people move from a life of poverty, to one of possibility; that communities are built to sustain healthy people; and that kids can be all that they can be.  Together with many agencies and partners, we improve lives, locally.  As part of an international network, UWCC links with the United Way Worldwide to share best practices and build capacity in 44 member countries, investing over $5 Billion US per year. Dan engages with stakeholders through donor, government and media relations, engaging in public policy development to drive the United Way mission forward.

Dan has more than 20 years of leadership experience within the UWC Movement at the local, provincial and national levels, including 11 years at UWCC. He brings his expertise to UWCs’ work on community impact and engagement, public policy, product development and network governance.