Debra Pozega Osburn brings a wealth of experience to the leadership team, along with a passion for education that began at a young age. Following the completion of her PhD in American Studies from Michigan State University, Debra worked as a journalist in roles ranging from reporter to city editor, and practiced as a partner at a communications consulting firm. Her career brought her back to the post-secondary world as she held leadership roles at her alma mater before moving to the University of Alberta, where she most recently held the position of vice-president university relations for six years.

Her time in both the public and private sectors has given her experience in a number of key areas, including marketing, communications, media relations and public affairs, government relations and community relations, alumni relations, and fund development.

Debra joined the University of Saskatchewan in 2016, and spends much of her time connecting with alumni, donors, community partners and supporters. Her portfolio includes alumni and community engagement, development, marketing and communications, and operations and services.