When the COVID pandemic broke out in March, Battlefords United Way leapt into action to make sure that vulnerable members in their community were getting the supplies they needed.

“We heard from volunteers that seniors were frightened and lonely, and because of the virus and the need for social distancing, many were afraid to even leave their homes,” says Sharon Mohagen, Battlefords United Way’s events and campaign coordinator.

Wellness Boxes

Battlefords United Way immediately reached out to help order supplies and deliver groceries working with the Battlefords Housing Authority who looked after low rental accommodations. More than 300 of their residents are seniors.

With funding from the New Horizons for Seniors Program, the Battlefords United Way introduced the “Wellness Box for Seniors.”

“Next challenge was to get the supplies needed, many stores were limiting purchases of essential products such as toilet paper and hygiene supplies,” says Sharon, “And, because we also wanted to support the local economy, we persevered, and ordered the supplies through the generosity of local retail businesses.”

Up next was getting the supplies assembled into complete Wellness Boxes. COVID-19 had shut down the halls in Battlefords, so Battlefords United Way arranged to use that facility to store and assemble the boxes. This all transpired in just a couple of days, The Battlefords Housing Authority delivered the final boxes to residents. It was a Battlefords team effort.

Each Wellness Box contains basic hygiene items like toilet tissues, facial tissues, hand towels, sanitizers and soaps. It also contained some easy to prepare meals, treats bandages and disposable face masks.


A grateful community

Following Wellness Box distribution, Battlefords United Way received may phone calls from seniors expressing their gratitude and happiness that they were not forgotten during the pandemic.

From a recipient:

“Thanks you so much for making this time seem less stressful. Your kindness helps to confirm that there are very good people out there and it helps us to also reach out to help others.”