By Dan Clement, President & CEO

Recently, I wrote a blog post on how racism is an #UNIGNORABLE issue for Canadians. In the months that followed, we began examining the state of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) at United Way Centraide Canada and across the network, envisioning the future, and taking steps to move toward an inclusive future.

We are laying the foundation for building a DEI & Indigenous Collaboration Strategy by releasing statements that express our commitments to DEI and Indigenous collaboration.

These statements are not static. For us to be truly collaborative, we must leave room for these statements to develop and change as we learn and grow. We may have to adjust along the way as we learn from our work, mistakes, and successes. But this work is too important to our communities and to Canadians for us to let those things get in our way.

As community builders, we promise to work hard to ensure Canada becomes a truly equitable, safe, and inclusive place.