In small communities, not all social service agencies have the capacity to fund, develop and implement new programs to help the vulnerable during COVID-19. United Way Oxford (UWO) has been able to help and provide those resources through the newly developed Food for Families program.

As a major funder of the Oxford Student Nutrition Program (OSNP), which serves food to children in schools across Oxford County, we know that many families rely on the food provided in schools to get by. Now they are at home, without those supports and access to the healthy meals and snacks that would have been served daily at school.

We are working to fill that gap for families who relied on the OSNP to help feed their families throughout the school week.

By working together with the OSNP and other community partners, the Food for Families Program has been created through United Way Oxford. This program ensures that meal support is continuing in homes across Oxford County, by way of safely delivering grocery cards to these families each week.

We are currently in the week seven of this initiative and are delivering grocery cards to 52 families across Oxford County.


We have mobilized our community volunteers to help with deliveries each one. One of those volunteers explained, “United Way Oxford is always supporting OCCHC (Oxford County Community Health Centre), it is nice for us to pay it back and support them with the Food for Families program during COVID-19”.

“This is going to help us so much right now. Thank you for going out of your way to help us get support. We really appreciate this.”

– Service Recipient