United Way is giving children and youth the support they need to get a great start in life, do well in school, and reach their full potential.

The challenge

Early development – from childhood to young adulthood – is a strong predictor of future success. Unfortunately, too many kids face barriers to achieving their dreams.

Asian Girl waiting by the window
1 in 4

children are not school-ready when they enter grade 1


of adolescents have been physically bullied


of youth report having issues with mental health or substance abuse

Our work

We help kids move toward the brightest possible future by investing in three key areas.

Engagement in learning

United Way is helping kids succeed in school and develop key life skills – from after-school homework and tutoring programs, to resources that help parents prepare their children for kindergarten.

Connectedness and community involvement

United Way is helping kids develop positive relationships with their peers and families, and be leaders in their community – from team-building recreation programs, to mentoring and leadership development opportunities.

Emotional and physical wellbeing

United Way is investing in a positive lifestyle for kids, helping them believe in themselves and make healthy choices – from counselling programs that build self-esteem, to summer camps promoting physical activity.

Our Impact

Thanks to your generous support, we’re investing every year in helping kids realize their full potential.

Programs working to help kids be all they can be
Resources aimed at ensuring kids’ success in school
$23.6 million
Investment in leadership development opportunities
$14.3 million
Support for kids' emotional and physical wellbeing
$39.1 million
A changed life made possible by you

Two-year old Tivadar struggled with severe language delays, affecting his learning and straining his father’s limited resources. Thanks to United Way, Tivadar now gets the support he needs from a local speech pathologist and is ready to start school.