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United for Refugees

Together, we can help Syrian refugees get the best start to a new life in Canada.     Since 2011, more than 4 million ...
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Igniting the passion and potential all around you

What happens when you ignite passion and potential all around you? You excite kids, families and organizations in your neighbourhood and the feeling of community grows! Roseanna Cleveland, Lyssa Peters, Ann Peters and Allana Loh ...
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Helping newcomers get a financial start in Canada to reach their dreams

Starting over in Canada has been a difficult journey, but one that will lead to a safer and more promising future for my children,” explains Helmer. “It is an enormous change to go from ...
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Code of Ethics

United Way Centraide Canada provides leadership, support and assistance to United Way Centraides across Canada to strengthen individual and collective development, and facilitate cross-Movement collaboration on shared issues to help its members improve lives ...
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Healthy people, strong communities

The focus of healthy people, strong communities works to engage and mobilize residents to take collective action to improve access to and availability of the ...
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