Our Movement

United Way is a federated network of over 90 local United Way offices, each registered as its own non-profit organization and governed by an independent volunteer-led local Board of Directors. Each United Way works locally to raise funds and invest in improving lives in its community.

In French, both in Quebec and across Canada, our organization is known as Centraide. We often use the United Way and Centraide names together, recognizing the bilingual nature of our country’s culture and people.

United Way Centraide Canada is the national office and has a distinct role to provide leadership, guidance and support to local United Ways across the country. Together, local United Ways and United Way Centraide Canada form the United Way Movement.

Our History

United Way has a long history in Canada, dating back almost a century. Over the years, we have been known by many names – among them Community Chest, United Appeal and Red Feather. Throughout, we are proud to have improved lives in local communities across the country.

In 1972, designer Saul Bass created the iconic United Way logo, depicting the helping hand cradling mankind and surrounded by a rainbow symbolizing hope. Our community impact mission – to improve lives and build community by engaging individuals and mobilizing collective action – reflects the ideas outlined in our logo.

Our Team

The volunteers who make up United Way Centraide Canada’s Board of Directors represent communities across the country and come from diverse backgrounds in business, government and social services.

United Way Centraide Canada’s executive team works closely with the Board of Directors to oversee and execute the day-to-day operations of the organization.