Emergency Community Support Fund FAQ

How much money is available through the Emergency Community Support Fund? Is it possible to find out how much is available for our region?

Emergency Community Support Fund is a $350 million investment made by the Government of Canada, and a significant portion is being delivered through United Way Centraide Canada, Community Foundations of Canada and Canadian Red Cross across the country. United Ways and Centraides will be administering this grant in local communities. Please reach out to your local United Way Centraide for additional information.

How is the Government of Canada splitting the $350 million between the three intermediaries and what is your administrative fee for this gov’t funding?

The Government of Canada has not yet publicly announced the proportion of the $350 million Emergency Community Support Fund it has allocated to each of the intermediaries. Each intermediary has signed a contractual agreement with Employment Services and Development Canada (ESDC) that outlines the terms of the funding and the associated budget and administrative fees. Public disclosure related to the allocation of funds to each of the intermediaries will be determined by ESDC. Local United Way Centraides are, however, announcing the total allocation of funds available for their funding streams at the local level.

How do I find my local United Way Centraide and apply?

To find the local United Way Centraide in your community and their Emergency Community Support Fund application information you can use the link below. This will give you general information about the fund and link you to a map where you can search by postal code and click through to your local United Way Centraide website application page:

EN: unitedway.ca/blog/ecsf/

FR: centraide.ca/blog/ecsf/

How are local United Way Centraides handling applications in terms of both official languages?

Some United Way Centraides operate on a bilingual basis in communities with large Francophone or Anglophone population bases. If the local United Way Centraide generally operates on a unilingual basis, applicants can still apply in either official language. Applicants will be provided with an email address on the local United Way Centraide website to ask questions or start the application process.  United Way Centraide Canada has provided all Emergency Community Support Fund tools in both official languages and will support the local agency application process in either official language.

If we have received other federal and/or provincial or territorial Covid-19 related funding, can we still apply to the Emergency Community Support Fund?

Yes, funding from the Emergency Community Support Fund can be used to enhance and expand your current COVID-19 funded community service so long as expenses are not counted twice. Please reach out to your local United Way Centraide for additional information.

What if we are not currently a United Way Centraide funded agency, can we still apply to the Emergency Community Support Fund?

United Way Centraides will be administering this grant in local communities and they are committed to ensuring that funds are broadly available to community service organizations and agencies working to provide services and support vulnerable populations impacted by COVID-19. You do not need to be a current United Way Centraide funded agency to apply. Please reach out to your local United Way Centraide for additional information.

Which kinds of community service organizations are eligible to apply to United Way Centraide Canada’s funding stream for the Emergency Community Support Fund?

Organizations providing front-line services to vulnerable populations impacted by COVID-19 are eligible to apply, including registered charities, and other qualified donees as identified by local United Way Centraides.

We are a non-profit organization; how can we access and partner with United Way Centraides to provide support to vulnerable communities?

Non-profit organizations in Canada are playing an important role in helping to respond to local needs. Please reach out to your local United Way Centraide to understand if they will be funding non-profits. In some cases, non-profit community organizations delivering front-line services may be supported through a qualified donee that is acting as a trustee or in some circumstances under an agent agreement.

Will you fund activities or services that meet the criteria but are already underway?

If activities or services are underway, you can apply for additional resources to expand and/or extend the delivery of service for a longer time (up to March 31, 2021).

If my agency is receiving the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy, are we still eligible to apply for funding?

Yes. Emergency Community Support Fund distributions cannot fund any expenses (including wages) already covered by another source, but can complement existing sources, including the wage subsidy.

How many funding requests can be made by one organization?

United Way Centraides will be administering this grant in local communities. Please reach out to your local United Way Centraide for additional information.

How will decisions about the funding be made? How quickly can we anticipate a decision?

All funding allocations will be made public on or before July 31, 2020. Please reach out to your local United Way Centraide for additional information regarding their application process timelines.

May we apply to United Way Centraides, Community Foundations and Canadian Red Cross?

Yes. Applicants may not, however, apply to more than one funder for the same program activities and related costs. The three intermediaries will be coordinating locally to ensure that funds are being distributed to have the best possible local reach to serve vulnerable populations.

What are the reporting requirements?

The reporting requirements for this funding will focus primarily on number of services and clients served, and organizations will be expected to periodically provide updates to these numbers throughout the period of the grant. Additional details will be shared with successful applicants.

How will United Way Centraides ensure that this funding is reaching the most vulnerable communities? Is there a commitment to access and equity for these resources?

United Ways and Centraides are committed to ensuring an open and fair application and review process. They will be working to promote this funding opportunity throughout our community and to support organizations seeking to apply. Consideration for a number of equity dimensions will guide decisions on how these resources will be allocated locally. Please reach out to your local for additional information.

We’re part of a national organization network, but we are governed locally. Should we look to apply to our local United Way Centraide for Emergency Community Support Fund funding or should our national office coordinate our applications?

Resources are being distributed across the country through local offices. Local chapters of national organizations should to apply directly to their local United Way Centraide.

Will you give cash transfers to groups who are ineligible for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit and other income supports?

This funding is for front-line community services for COVID-19 relief. The funding cannot be used to provide income replacement for individuals. Agencies that meet our eligibility criteria and are providing services and supports to individuals who need income supports, such as undocumented people or sex workers, can certainly apply for funding to serve these communities through eligible activities related to food security, mental health support, etc.