Multi-service connection program for seniors during lockdown

January 15, 2024

The Canadian Mental Health Association (Manitoba) received $40,000 from United Way Winnipeg to augment a multi-service mental health, wellness and connection program for seniors during lockdown.

During the course of the project the organization provided community outreach, in-person, and phone-based counselling and peer support, case management, access to basic needs and services, referrals, advocacy, eviction prevention, wellness planning supports, education and have also collaborated with other senior serving organizations.

This project allowed seniors to access supports and services to address issues of isolation, mental health and well-being. Seniors had the opportunity to gain information, skills, self-awareness, empowerment and connection.

One gentleman expressed his gratitude for the additional support and increased access to and availability of a support worker during this particularly stressful time. He shared that as an individual who experiences ongoing struggles with severe depression often resulting in the need for crisis planning, the extra check-ins and assistance with service navigation made all the difference in his ability to manage his symptoms.

As a person with limited finances, he was particularly appreciative of the options to connect to the staff via text or by using a 1-800 number in order to avoid the long-distance charges that he often incurs while trying to attach to other rural services.

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