Our Commitment to Responsible Stewardship

At United Way Centraide, we are mindful of the significant trust placed in us. Maintaining the confidence of our donors and partners through transparency and following rigorous ethical standards continues to be a top priority.
United Way Centraide has a long history of responsible stewardship of our communities’ resources. We continue to be acknowledged for our best practices, promoting openness and accountability, and make our administrative and fundraising costs available to the public. In addition to following the standards set by the Canada Revenue Agency, United Way Centraide Canada has developed its own Transparency, Accountability, and Financial Reporting policies, which are intended to ensure the highest degree of transparency and accountability.

United Way Centraides strive to ensure that donor dollars are invested to maximize community impact. Donating to United Way Centraides is one of the best ways to drive lasting and positive change in our communities across the country. Taking an evidence-based approach to investment, leveraging donor gifts with investments from partner organizations, engaging hundreds of thousands of volunteers in support of community work, and soliciting pro-bono services, sponsorships, and in-kind donations are just some of the ways we ensure your donation is invested in the most effective manner possible.

United Way Centraide Canada is proud to be a member of Imagine Canada and to be recognized for its leadership role in the non-profit sector. Read our Donor Bill of Rights to learn more about our commitment to transparency and accountability.

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